My 999 -

2005 Ducati 999S -   October  2017 -

9992 DSC_2864 DSC_2866 DSC_3340

There are Ducati enthusiasts  out there who loathe them, but I think they are simply the most beautiful Ducati ever built -  


On these pages you will see my 999S owned and upgraded over 5 years - Now complete with repainted 999R Carbon Fairings and numerous other small enhancements, it has now completed just over 8K miles and my regular weekend machine -  Over the winter 17/18, new updated images will be added


Also my 999R which I have to say with only 800miles from new I cannot seem to bring myself to clock any miles on it


New addition in 2017 and updated on 5th Oct  more information on latest bike - A 2002 998S  


Finally looking for a new project to keep busy over 17/18 Winter